3 Ways To Make Sure Your BIG IDEA Happens+ DYMAB Update



Sorry it has been such a crazy long time since I’ve written anything. I announced my big thing and then just bounced. 

A lot is happening right now, friends. 

1. I went to Portland and spoke at a event. It was awesome. 

2. I am in the midst of a HUGE rebrand and writing non-stop pretty much everyday. 

Oh yeah — I am writing a web series! WHAT? 

Yeah, that is still happening.

My director and I (yes, I have a director, it’s insane) had our first production meeting this past Saturday.  

A little preview:




A lot of people have been surprised that I have jumped on this idea (having my own webseries) so quickly but after working on my business for the last few years and making lots of things happen I have figured out the 3 key things to do to get shiz done.


1. Bring someone else on board  – AKA “BIG IDEA PRODUCER”

Once I decided I wanted to write my own web series, my first instinct was to start building a team to make it actually happen. Think about how many ideas live and die in our own brains. When you bring someone else on board, these ideas become harder to kill because someone else is relying on you to keep the idea alive. Someone else is on your team. 

I told my friend Jessica about DYMAB and gave her the title of producer before I even wrote the script. She gave me due dates and kept me on track. TRUE FRIENDSHIP. 

I am obsessed with the idea of a “producer” and plan to have one for every big new plan I want to make happen. 

My definition of a BIG IDEA PRODUCER:

Someone who will check in with you, brainstorm ideas and give you random due dates so that you have a clear focus. 

If you have something you truly want to make happen, recruit a big idea producer to help you out. 



2. Start NOW 

You know that high you get when you first have that big idea to do that big thing? A lot of the time people waste that high on planning and by the time its time to actually take action, that excitement has burned off. As a result, the big thing doesn’t happen.  This is also why you most likely have notebooks full of ideas and diagrams but very little to show for it. Life happens. Reality happens. You start to think about how much it will actually take. The best thing I could have ever done to help DYMAB happen was to start writing a script and outline as soon as I had the idea. That way, I already made progress and I didn’t have any time for the excitement to go away. 

I have been able to successfully get over the dip after the initial high because I had already made so much progress by the time I started to feel my focus and energy going down. Once that happened, the wheels had already started turning. 

It’s the best way to make your ideas sustainable. 

What can you do TODAY to make HUGE progress on your big thing so you survive he dip? 


3.  Start with SMALL victories 

My director and I decided do to one episode. That is the plan for now. We make ONE episode happen, see how it goes and then see what is next. The worst thing you can do for your big idea is PLANNING SO BIG that it doesn’t even feel possible.  Instead of trying to do something EVERY month, decide to do it just once. Instead of creating the BEST project ever, just start with a mini project to get you started. The small wins = a bigger emotional pay off than waiting for the big win and risking the come down feeling if it doesn’t work EXACTLY like you though. Small victories are motivating, yo. 



Our audition for the show is May 3rd. No matter WHAT that is when we will be sitting down and hearing people audition for the parts. Picking a date to talk to someone, plan an event or release a thing is another way to make sure you actually DO the things you say you will do. 

Life will never stop being crazy. NEVER. So it’s pretty useless to try and wait for that to happen.  So let’s do it now, shall we?

So those are my 3 tips for making sure your BIG THING happens. 


1. Get a BIG IDEA producer 

2. Take action NOW and do as MUCH as you can 

3. Start with small victories 


I want to hear your big ideas! Comment below! 



Announcing The BIG Thing + finally doing the things you said you would

Hellllllo friends!

So, I am finally announce the thing I am working on! I have been hesitating to announce it because I wanted to make sure I was really committed to the idea and got the wheels turning to actually make it happen. Well, I have written a few scripts, I have talked to a few people and I am convinced that this will happen in some shape or form.

I’ve been posting a lot about taking facebook breaks, concentrating and being afraid of the suck. All of that was about what I’m announcing today.


Did You Meet Any Boys? — The Web Series!


Here is the logline thingy:

Through daily facetime conversations, a 26 year old workaholic entrepreneur pieces together the stories of her social media posts for her confused and constantly concerned mother. 

When Jo’s best friend Mai gets engaged at her birthday party, Jo decides to change her life with the help of her friends, family and the community of self-development businesses she has helped to build.

This series is inspired my life of course but most of it is fictional. If you follow me on facebook, however, some of the stories WILL look familiar to you. Oops.

I can’t tell you how deeply afraid I am of what I am trying to create with this. I am in a whole new zone and place and my comfort zone is in Georgia and I am in Hawaii. Basically.

Right now I am just getting the logistical pieces together. I thiiink I have someone to help shoot and direct it. I’ve written some of the episodes. We still need to figure out the scope of the project, find actors and decide if we need to do kickstarter or indigogo to start funding it.

My production company is either gonna be called Golden Pork Chop or What’s Her Face. Most likely, What’s Her Face Productions.


I’ll be sharing all things DYMAB here at this blog SO make sure you are subscribed. I am currently going back and forth about the name for the youtube channel but I’ll be sharing that soon so that you can subscribe and stufffff.

I have no clue what I am doing but I am gonna do it, yo.

I am sharing this because I know there are a million things we say we are going to do and never actually do them. I have been saying that I am going to create — SOMETHING — forever. For years. Forever. I stumbled upon the web series world and really loved it and I am going for it.

If there is been something you’ve been MEANING to do forever, let’s do it this year. This month.

This is the WORST possible time. I am in the middle of a re-launch. I am speaking at an event. So much craziness. But I want to do this so I am doing it.

Here we go.

how to deal with the fear of sucking at things you love + eyebrow wax infections



I hate sucking at things

Let me explain:

When I was in college, I was obsessed with my creative fiction classes.I took it very seriously and while I ignored most of my other college assignments, I slaved over every story I wrote.

Now, 3 or 4 years later, I find it difficult to finish anything.

Because I don’t want to suck.

A little under a year ago, I started taking improv classes. I took 2 of them, back-to-back and then had to leave on vacation and couldn’t take it again.

I’ve been having mini panics over taking the class again (and especially about which class to take) all freakin’ week.

Why? Because I don’t want to suck.

I HATE not being good at things.

There is this talk by Ira Glass in which he talks about the burden of being a creator when you have good taste. You KNOW what is good and what is bad and you can tell that the stuff you are creating? It’s not that good, yo.



THE GAP by Ira Glass from frohlocke on Vimeo.

I hate that.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my business students and how they struggle with the same things I am struggling with in my non-business life and tried to think of some of the advice I’d give them.
In business, there is only one thing you can do to get over those feelings of suck.

Just show up.

Do what you gotta do. Meditate. Pray. Have sex. Eat a cookie. Do all of that at once which I bet is something Brad and Angelina do all the time.

Do whatever you need to do to just SHOW UP. Because that is the hardest part. Once you show up enough, it stops being so crazy.


It reminds me of how I used to feel about getting my eyebrows waxed. I always put it off and I always dread it.

It’s gonna be SO painful. My face is gonna burn. I AM GONNA GET A WEIRD EYEBROW INFECTION.

I drag my feet getting in the car. I drag my feet traveling up the street to the nail salon. I overdose on mints that are most likely expired while I wait. With deep breath and a mouth full of spearmint I say “ok” when it comes time for her to take me to the mysterious back room.

And once it happens, it happens. Wax happens. There is actually something amazing about it.

Afterwards, I am always OK. I feel lighter (my eyebrows can get pretty redic) and my face looks great, yo.

I still dreaded it the next few times but then eventually, something miraculous happened.

I just went.

I danced to the music on the way there. I sat and read magazines while I waited.

When she called my name, I went back and just let it happen.

I think this is what will eventually happen with improv and writing.

If I just show up every morning to write SOMETHING, I’ll stop thinking about the pain I could possibly feel.

If I just go to the improv class, I’ll stop thinking about how much I suck at it.

In the meantime, I am going to do whatever I can to support myself in the SHOWING UP part because that is the most important.

The rest will take care of itself.

Happy Files, The Youtube Edition: Grind On Me, Jane Austen, Precious Plum and Rhythm of The Night

GUYS! I’ve been posting!

The Happy Files are all about sharing things that have been making me happy over the last week. I am gonna post them on Mondays because MONDAYS need a little happy, right? This one is all youtube, yo.

1. Grind On Me

I have an addiction. My addiction is youtube choreography videos. This addiction has only gotten worse, now that I am no longer glued to facebook every single days for hours at a time. I have favorite choreographers. I have dancers I love. I am partial to the LA hip hop choreography scene, especially since it turns out all the guys that dance on these things are my TYPE. It’s like Christmas.  I literally watch this video for breakfast. It does all of the things. Runny eggs, sausage, spinach and THIS. CJ Salvador is my imaginary EVERYTHING (in the first group on the left) and EVERYONE in the last group. I mean, everyone. Also: on the far RIGHT barely out of the screen…dude from Step up 2 and She’s The Man. Hellooooooo there. Also, THE OUTFITS.THE OUTFITS.



2. “Of The Night” – Bastille

I just recently listened to the rest of Bastille’s album. It’s pretty standard indie WB soundtrack stuff BUT I found this gem, which is their new single, I think.



This version is pretty good but it reminds me of something even BETTER. The original roller rink CLASSIC, Rhythm of The Night and the fantastic music video that went went it. This song is SO 90′s. It gives me that specific feeling (that only some 90′s tunes can) of giving me such a specific time and place experience. I have notoriously small ankles so I would always spend my time at the roller rink running around and playing video games. And eating. Lots of eating.



3. Precious Plum

THERE ARE NO WORDS. I can’t. I CAN’T. This is so funny to me. Maybe it’s because I’m from GA but I was laughing so hard, I cried. I realize that I am so late on this but this is amazing. Watch it. Warning: it’s CRAY. SO CRAY.

“So it’s like…. f*ck.”




4. Lizzie Bennet Diaries + Emma Approved

I am really, REALLY late on this one but this is so fantastic. I have never read the books but I have watched some of the adaptions (*cough* Clueless *cough*) so I recognize the characters and the stories. These are SO well done. So funny. The acting is so good and AHH I just love these so much.

The Lizzie Bennet series is DONE so you can watch all 100 + episodes if you want:



Emma Approved is still rockin’ and rollin’ but it’s also as good. She is also a life coach and matchmaker:


What has been making you happy this week?

Facebook Diet Challenge

I love facebook.

I am one of those people that people who hate facebook complain about. I post statuses about what I cooked, I post statuses about when I work out, I post statuses when I am feeling things. I post rant statuses. I tell stories. I post multiple times a day.

No shame.

Facbook has also been a huge source of business for me and I teach my classes on facebook too.

For me it’s always been a great way to connect, especially since I am an introvert (of the extroverted variety, if you put stock in those types of things) and work from home which means that if I am not careful, I could spend a whole week talking to no one except for my dog and the guy at the Fresh Plus grocery store.

But lately, facebook has been giving me rage headaches. Everything seems to be making me mad. Every “heartfelt” declaration about a business success or a life change makes me want to punch a bottle of liquid detergent and then throw it.

And quite frankly, I was starting to have the hardest time figure out what I wanted because I was bombarded with  EVERYTHING from everyone else.

This is essential what facebook is: a catalog of wants, needs and desires that you could have.

  • I could have a boyfriend and that boyfriend and I could take cute photos of ourselves on cute dates
  • I could have a child and I could take pictures of that child with my cute dog Alfred and let it go viral
  • I could travel the world and smoke hookah and ride trains and have a pregnancy scare with a cute french dude
  • I could buy a house and live in it with my cute baby and my cute husband and we could hang pictures of that time we use to travel the world

So many things that COULD. And it is MESSING me up. While I feel I am a pretty darn successful business woman, I am not immune to the quarter life crisis.

It’s not ALWAYS about career. It’s about a bunch of things and I am experiencing ALL THE THINGS.

My instincts are really important to me, yo. I think of myself as like one of those untrained cooks on Top Chef or Rambo, sensing his way through the wilderness. . I’ve always trusted myself and that trust is starting to go a little sideways. I also realize that this is a turning point for my business and that things are going to really shift for me and I need to make sure I am listening to my inner gut stuff.

So my friend Jessica and I (tech biz girl, what! what!) are going to be going on a facebook diet.

I run a class and a community on facebook so I can’t leave it cold turkey but I invite you to join our LESS FACEBOOK challenge for the month.  Hopefully we will decrease our facebook time exponentially from there.

The rules:

  • Remove the facebook app from your phone
  • 60 Minutes of Facebook Per Day
  • Facebook Messenger on the phone is allowed — just so we can communicate with each other but no newsfeed.

The Tools:

StayFocused Plugin: It allows you to limit your time on google chrome 

Cold Turkey: My FAVORITE app for blocking your sites for a set amount of time. This one is a hardcore solution because there is no way around it. 


How do YOU feel about facebook and do you want to join us for this facebook diet challenge? Comment and let me know!




The Scream: A Horror/Porn/Medical Drama

I’ve always bragged about how quiet my apartment is and I’ve recently realized that was only because half of the apartments were empty.


Despite this fact, things have always been relatively quiet. I live on the bottom floor and my upstairs neighbor, John* and his wheezing chihuahua live above us.

John and I don’t talk much but we have a lot in common. We both watch our TVs really loud and consider a perfect weekday night to include procedural cop shows and chicken wings.

So there I am, laying in my bed, slowly drifting off to sleep when I hear it.


A scream. A legitimate scream. Not a moan. Not a groan.

A scream.

I’d describe it as a mix of Frankenstein attacking a village with the sound of someone in the middle of a particularly painful Charlie Horse mixed with MURDER.

So what do you do in this moment? There are a million horribly sad stories about people who stood back and did nothing while someone was raped/killed/robbed/bullied/shown nude selfies.

I don’t want to be a part of the problem.

But I let it pass. Maybe it was a one time thing. A Charlie Horse! John now knows that potassium is extremely important and will make sure to get lots of it for now on, right? RIGHT?!

Nope. New day. New nap. And it happened again. The scream.


And then the next night:


The frequency has increased and it can now happen up to 6 (!!!) times a day.

Now, guys. What in the actual DUCK is happening here?

Some theories:

Sex: Who is to say that my 67 year old isn’t HITTING it 2-4 times a day? Why not? This is America after all. That is what this country is about. Granted, I have never seen anyone else go up there so maybe he is having sex with a ghost. Or you know, himself. Ugh.

He is keeping someone in a cage (and maybe it’s a sex thing): I was just watching an episode of Law and Order and this happened. The neighbor said she had NO IDEA. Didn’t hear anything. What am I gonna say if a police officer asks me, guys? WHAT WILL I SAY? I HAVE heard something.

The chihuahua has a terrible wheezing cough that sounds like a scream: Poor thing.

Murder: Murder

I saw John* today and he seemed perfectly normal. I smiled. I said hey. I could barely look him in the face.

Now here is my question: WHAT DO I DO? Is this something that needs to be addressed? Do I leave a note? Maybe a note with a chicken wing attached? Do you have any crazy apartment stories? 

TO BE CONTINUED….maybe? I dunno.



This week’s/month’s/I can’t decide playlist isn’t about a theme but 2 words. GET IT. This all began when I was listening to T.I (my favorite because I have the music tastes of a frat boy driving a hummer)  and I realized that there were two songs called” Get It.” I was looking for the song that is featured in the opening scene in Step Up, you know when we meet Tyler (Channing Tatum) dancing with a very lucky lady on the dance floor.

I wanted to be this girl. So bad.


I hate his outfit so much, I hate this STYLE so much…I am so glad it’s finally going away. Hides all the goods.



Anyways, there are TWO songs. “Get it” and “Go Get it”

And of course this sent me down the rabbit hole of songs featuring “GET IT.”

There are a LOT of songs featuring “GET IT” in some shape or form.


What great songs did I miss? What type of playlist should I do next?


Hey there! WELCOME to my new personal blog, All Caps Excited!






So, WHY?

I want to write more stuff that’s not always about business. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE business. I am obsessed with it but I have so many things that I want to do. I want ALL CAPS EXCITED to be a playground for me to play, of course. Do I know what I am doing? NOOOOO. But I am gonna do it anyway and it’s gonna be awesome.

I already have fun stuff READY to go.

It’s gonna be a wonderful mix of things and you should totally subscribe. Do iiiiit.

A little taste of what I’ll be sharing:

  • Random behind-the-scenes stories of my life as someone who is very successful at entrepreneurship but not at the other stuff
  • 100 Men Project: Short and sweet profiles with MEN. Hubba Hubba
  • Very short stories inspired by pins on pinterest
  • Themed Playlists
  • OMG WTF Book Club
  • Imaginary Movie Castings
  • Adventures in decorating (my apartment)
  • Recipes of Ugly (But Delicious) Food
  • Experiments with rituals (and you can join too)

My goal is to write 1-2 times a week! This post doesn’t count so expect more soon.


You know what this calls for, right?

Sugar Ray.