Announcing The BIG Thing + finally doing the things you said you would

Hellllllo friends!

So, I am finally announce the thing I am working on! I have been hesitating to announce it because I wanted to make sure I was really committed to the idea and got the wheels turning to actually make it happen. Well, I have written a few scripts, I have talked to a few people and I am convinced that this will happen in some shape or form.

I’ve been posting a lot about taking facebook breaks, concentrating and being afraid of the suck. All of that was about what I’m announcing today.


Did You Meet Any Boys? — The Web Series!


Here is the logline thingy:

Through daily facetime conversations, a 26 year old workaholic entrepreneur pieces together the stories of her social media posts for her confused and constantly concerned mother. 

When Jo’s best friend Mai gets engaged at her birthday party, Jo decides to change her life with the help of her friends, family and the community of self-development businesses she has helped to build.

This series is inspired my life of course but most of it is fictional. If you follow me on facebook, however, some of the stories WILL look familiar to you. Oops.

I can’t tell you how deeply afraid I am of what I am trying to create with this. I am in a whole new zone and place and my comfort zone is in Georgia and I am in Hawaii. Basically.

Right now I am just getting the logistical pieces together. I thiiink I have someone to help shoot and direct it. I’ve written some of the episodes. We still need to figure out the scope of the project, find actors and decide if we need to do kickstarter or indigogo to start funding it.

My production company is either gonna be called Golden Pork Chop or What’s Her Face. Most likely, What’s Her Face Productions.


I’ll be sharing all things DYMAB here at this blog SO make sure you are subscribed. I am currently going back and forth about the name for the youtube channel but I’ll be sharing that soon so that you can subscribe and stufffff.

I have no clue what I am doing but I am gonna do it, yo.

I am sharing this because I know there are a million things we say we are going to do and never actually do them. I have been saying that I am going to create — SOMETHING — forever. For years. Forever. I stumbled upon the web series world and really loved it and I am going for it.

If there is been something you’ve been MEANING to do forever, let’s do it this year. This month.

This is the WORST possible time. I am in the middle of a re-launch. I am speaking at an event. So much craziness. But I want to do this so I am doing it.

Here we go.