Facebook Diet Challenge

I love facebook.

I am one of those people that people who hate facebook complain about. I post statuses about what I cooked, I post statuses about when I work out, I post statuses when I am feeling things. I post rant statuses. I tell stories. I post multiple times a day.

No shame.

Facbook has also been a huge source of business for me and I teach my classes on facebook too.

For me it’s always been a great way to connect, especially since I am an introvert (of the extroverted variety, if you put stock in those types of things) and work from home which means that if I am not careful, I could spend a whole week talking to no one except for my dog and the guy at the Fresh Plus grocery store.

But lately, facebook has been giving me rage headaches. Everything seems to be making me mad. Every “heartfelt” declaration about a business success or a life change makes me want to punch a bottle of liquid detergent and then throw it.

And quite frankly, I was starting to have the hardest time figure out what I wanted because I was bombarded with  EVERYTHING from everyone else.

This is essential what facebook is: a catalog of wants, needs and desires that you could have.

  • I could have a boyfriend and that boyfriend and I could take cute photos of ourselves on cute dates
  • I could have a child and I could take pictures of that child with my cute dog Alfred and let it go viral
  • I could travel the world and smoke hookah and ride trains and have a pregnancy scare with a cute french dude
  • I could buy a house and live in it with my cute baby and my cute husband and we could hang pictures of that time we use to travel the world

So many things that COULD. And it is MESSING me up. While I feel I am a pretty darn successful business woman, I am not immune to the quarter life crisis.

It’s not ALWAYS about career. It’s about a bunch of things and I am experiencing ALL THE THINGS.

My instincts are really important to me, yo. I think of myself as like one of those untrained cooks on Top Chef or Rambo, sensing his way through the wilderness. . I’ve always trusted myself and that trust is starting to go a little sideways. I also realize that this is a turning point for my business and that things are going to really shift for me and I need to make sure I am listening to my inner gut stuff.

So my friend Jessica and I (tech biz girl, what! what!) are going to be going on a facebook diet.

I run a class and a community on facebook so I can’t leave it cold turkey but I invite you to join our LESS FACEBOOK challenge for the month.  Hopefully we will decrease our facebook time exponentially from there.

The rules:

  • Remove the facebook app from your phone
  • 60 Minutes of Facebook Per Day
  • Facebook Messenger on the phone is allowed — just so we can communicate with each other but no newsfeed.

The Tools:

StayFocused Plugin: It allows you to limit your time on google chrome 

Cold Turkey: My FAVORITE app for blocking your sites for a set amount of time. This one is a hardcore solution because there is no way around it. 


How do YOU feel about facebook and do you want to join us for this facebook diet challenge? Comment and let me know!