This week’s/month’s/I can’t decide playlist isn’t about a theme but 2 words. GET IT. This all began when I was listening to T.I (my favorite because I have the music tastes of a frat boy driving a hummer)  and I realized that there were two songs called” Get It.” I was looking for the song that is featured in the opening scene in Step Up, you know when we meet Tyler (Channing Tatum) dancing with a very lucky lady on the dance floor.

I wanted to be this girl. So bad.


I hate his outfit so much, I hate this STYLE so much…I am so glad it’s finally going away. Hides all the goods.



Anyways, there are TWO songs. “Get it” and “Go Get it”

And of course this sent me down the rabbit hole of songs featuring “GET IT.”

There are a LOT of songs featuring “GET IT” in some shape or form.


What great songs did I miss? What type of playlist should I do next?