Trailer for DYMAB + Updates!

So the last time I posted here, I wrote a post that went….viral.

It was on Huffington Post and I was even featured on their live show, Huffington Post Live.

Today I am sharing something equally near and dear to my heart, my very first web series.

For as LONG as I could write, I’ve wanted to write movies and tv shows. I have a old windows 95 computer full of scripts for movies I had planned which were always sequels to movies I wanted to be made. A Mighty Ducks 4. An ending to season 2 of Gilmore Girls that made more sense to me. Creating stories has always been a passion of mine.

Fast forward to today and you’ll finally get to see what me and my team have been working on for MONTHS.

Here is the trailer for “Did You Meet Any Boys?”

The synopsis:

Through daily Facetime conversations, a 20-something entrepreneur pieces together the stories of her social media posts for her confused and constantly concerned mother who just joined Facebook.

Here it is!!!!


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    So glad we met at PN this year so I could get your email just now, this video made my rainy Atlanta morning :) Very funny. Excited to see the rest of it!


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