3 Ways To Make Sure Your BIG IDEA Happens+ DYMAB Update



Sorry it has been such a crazy long time since I’ve written anything. I announced my big thing and then just bounced. 

A lot is happening right now, friends. 

1. I went to Portland and spoke at a event. It was awesome. 

2. I am in the midst of a HUGE rebrand and writing non-stop pretty much everyday. 

Oh yeah — I am writing a web series! WHAT? 

Yeah, that is still happening.

My director and I (yes, I have a director, it’s insane) had our first production meeting this past Saturday.  

A little preview:




A lot of people have been surprised that I have jumped on this idea (having my own webseries) so quickly but after working on my business for the last few years and making lots of things happen I have figured out the 3 key things to do to get shiz done.


1. Bring someone else on board  – AKA “BIG IDEA PRODUCER”

Once I decided I wanted to write my own web series, my first instinct was to start building a team to make it actually happen. Think about how many ideas live and die in our own brains. When you bring someone else on board, these ideas become harder to kill because someone else is relying on you to keep the idea alive. Someone else is on your team. 

I told my friend Jessica about DYMAB and gave her the title of producer before I even wrote the script. She gave me due dates and kept me on track. TRUE FRIENDSHIP. 

I am obsessed with the idea of a “producer” and plan to have one for every big new plan I want to make happen. 

My definition of a BIG IDEA PRODUCER:

Someone who will check in with you, brainstorm ideas and give you random due dates so that you have a clear focus. 

If you have something you truly want to make happen, recruit a big idea producer to help you out. 



2. Start NOW 

You know that high you get when you first have that big idea to do that big thing? A lot of the time people waste that high on planning and by the time its time to actually take action, that excitement has burned off. As a result, the big thing doesn’t happen.  This is also why you most likely have notebooks full of ideas and diagrams but very little to show for it. Life happens. Reality happens. You start to think about how much it will actually take. The best thing I could have ever done to help DYMAB happen was to start writing a script and outline as soon as I had the idea. That way, I already made progress and I didn’t have any time for the excitement to go away. 

I have been able to successfully get over the dip after the initial high because I had already made so much progress by the time I started to feel my focus and energy going down. Once that happened, the wheels had already started turning. 

It’s the best way to make your ideas sustainable. 

What can you do TODAY to make HUGE progress on your big thing so you survive he dip? 


3.  Start with SMALL victories 

My director and I decided do to one episode. That is the plan for now. We make ONE episode happen, see how it goes and then see what is next. The worst thing you can do for your big idea is PLANNING SO BIG that it doesn’t even feel possible.  Instead of trying to do something EVERY month, decide to do it just once. Instead of creating the BEST project ever, just start with a mini project to get you started. The small wins = a bigger emotional pay off than waiting for the big win and risking the come down feeling if it doesn’t work EXACTLY like you though. Small victories are motivating, yo. 



Our audition for the show is May 3rd. No matter WHAT that is when we will be sitting down and hearing people audition for the parts. Picking a date to talk to someone, plan an event or release a thing is another way to make sure you actually DO the things you say you will do. 

Life will never stop being crazy. NEVER. So it’s pretty useless to try and wait for that to happen.  So let’s do it now, shall we?

So those are my 3 tips for making sure your BIG THING happens. 


1. Get a BIG IDEA producer 

2. Take action NOW and do as MUCH as you can 

3. Start with small victories 


I want to hear your big ideas! Comment below! 



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