Happy Files, The Youtube Edition: Grind On Me, Jane Austen, Precious Plum and Rhythm of The Night

GUYS! I’ve been posting!

The Happy Files are all about sharing things that have been making me happy over the last week. I am gonna post them on Mondays because MONDAYS need a little happy, right? This one is all youtube, yo.

1. Grind On Me

I have an addiction. My addiction is youtube choreography videos. This addiction has only gotten worse, now that I am no longer glued to facebook every single days for hours at a time. I have favorite choreographers. I have dancers I love. I am partial to the LA hip hop choreography scene, especially since it turns out all the guys that dance on these things are my TYPE. It’s like Christmas.  I literally watch this video for breakfast. It does all of the things. Runny eggs, sausage, spinach and THIS. CJ Salvador is my imaginary EVERYTHING (in the first group on the left) and EVERYONE in the last group. I mean, everyone. Also: on the far RIGHT barely out of the screen…dude from Step up 2 and She’s The Man. Hellooooooo there. Also, THE OUTFITS.THE OUTFITS.



2. “Of The Night” – Bastille

I just recently listened to the rest of Bastille’s album. It’s pretty standard indie WB soundtrack stuff BUT I found this gem, which is their new single, I think.



This version is pretty good but it reminds me of something even BETTER. The original roller rink CLASSIC, Rhythm of The Night and the fantastic music video that went went it. This song is SO 90′s. It gives me that specific feeling (that only some 90′s tunes can) of giving me such a specific time and place experience. I have notoriously small ankles so I would always spend my time at the roller rink running around and playing video games. And eating. Lots of eating.



3. Precious Plum

THERE ARE NO WORDS. I can’t. I CAN’T. This is so funny to me. Maybe it’s because I’m from GA but I was laughing so hard, I cried. I realize that I am so late on this but this is amazing. Watch it. Warning: it’s CRAY. SO CRAY.

“So it’s like…. f*ck.”




4. Lizzie Bennet Diaries + Emma Approved

I am really, REALLY late on this one but this is so fantastic. I have never read the books but I have watched some of the adaptions (*cough* Clueless *cough*) so I recognize the characters and the stories. These are SO well done. So funny. The acting is so good and AHH I just love these so much.

The Lizzie Bennet series is DONE so you can watch all 100 + episodes if you want:



Emma Approved is still rockin’ and rollin’ but it’s also as good. She is also a life coach and matchmaker:


What has been making you happy this week?

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