Hey there! WELCOME to my new personal blog, All Caps Excited!






So, WHY?

I want to write more stuff that’s not always about business. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE business. I am obsessed with it but I have so many things that I want to do. I want ALL CAPS EXCITED to be a playground for me to play, of course. Do I know what I am doing? NOOOOO. But I am gonna do it anyway and it’s gonna be awesome.

I already have fun stuff READY to go.

It’s gonna be a wonderful mix of things and you should totally subscribe. Do iiiiit.

A little taste of what I’ll be sharing:

  • Random behind-the-scenes stories of my life as someone who is very successful at entrepreneurship but not at the other stuff
  • 100 Men Project: Short and sweet profiles with MEN. Hubba Hubba
  • Very short stories inspired by pins on pinterest
  • Themed Playlists
  • OMG WTF Book Club
  • Imaginary Movie Castings
  • Adventures in decorating (my apartment)
  • Recipes of Ugly (But Delicious) Food
  • Experiments with rituals (and you can join too)

My goal is to write 1-2 times a week! This post doesn’t count so expect more soon.


You know what this calls for, right?

Sugar Ray.

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